LssDayZ General Rules

1. The use of Glitches & Exploits are NOT permitted within LssDayZ, This includes Meatball glitches, Midget Glitches, Dupe Methods, Crash Methods, and any other unintentional bugs within DayZ.
2. Combat logging is NOT Permitted and defined as logging out while a survivor has engaged you in obvious combat (shooting at you or your faction) While each situation can vary, A MINIMUM of 10 Minutes is required where YOU are not being shot at before you can Logout.
3. “Unraidable” Bases are NOT Permitted. (2 tents placed in a way that no matter what is done, the loot cannot be obtained through base destruction)
4. Alternate Accounts are NOT Permitted Within the LssDayZ V2 Servers.
5. You are NOT Allowed to Break, Modify, Manipulate, or Tamper with any PROTECTED Base walls, gates, or Combination Locks. This includes trying to Guess the Code to A Combination Lock.
6. You are NOT Permitted to Jump, Boost, Use Player Placed Objects, or Use Debris to get over any Player built Walls or Gates Unless you are able to get a MINIMUM of 8 Meters (25 Feet) above the player built wall and you MUST clip it in the event that a ticket is opened.
7. While killing survivors Outside of the Safe Zone is Permitted, Excessively camping at or near Stary Sobor may result with the staff requesting you find a new server that is better suited to your playstyle.
8. Bases Must have an Armband Crate placed in Order to become a ‘Protected Base’, HOWEVER Cars, Tents, And storage within your base is NOT Considered protected and can be shot or destroyed
9. Bases With Armband Crate colors assigned MUST build a wooden storage crate and place it in a visible location OUTSIDE their front most gate with the CORRECT Armband Colors.
10. Protected Bases Must Take a Screenshot of there Armband Crate (Including its storage to show the armband colors) & Front of your base. You only need to submit this photo in the event that your base is illegally raided. If this Photo is not Submitted in any Illegal Raid Tickets we will be UNABLE to validate the report.
11. You CAN shoot and kill players inside or outside of a Protected base WITHOUT Declaring War. 
12. Bases without an Armband Crate Can Be raided Immediately as long as the Survivors Raiding the base save a Video Proving the base was not protected. This video clip MUST show you going around the WHOLE Exterior of the base.
13. You CAN loot a Protected base without declaring war IF You can Vault In over a Non player Built wall, through a window OR you are able to enter through an unlocked gate.

LssDayZ SafeZone Rules

PvP is NOT permitted within Stary Sobor Unless (1) of following conditions are met…

     A. YOUR house is being robbed.
     B. You have been SHOT by the opposing User.
     C. The opposing User is killing multiple people within the Safezone(must have proof)
     D. A FIST FIGHT Has been agreed upon by ALL Users Involved.
     E. The Opposing user has requested that you kill him/her so that they can respawn HOWEVER this should always be done in the church and should be done in Semi Auto or with a Melee Weapon.
2. You are NOT Allowed to steal any loot off of a survivors character within the Safezone regardless of if they are dead or alive
3. You are NOT Allowed to Jump or Vault into ANY House within the Safezone.
4. You are NOT Allowed to Break, Dismantle, Modify, or Tamper with ANY base walls or combination locks.
5. You CAN Steal from a House in the SafeZone IF there is no lock on the gate of a rented house
6. You are NOT Allowed to Force Feed Raw Meat, Disinfectant, Gasoline, or any other Negative Affecting item to another survivor.
7. You are NOT Allowed to Steal any Item that has been dropped on the floor within the Safezone
8. You are NOT Allowed to own a Safe house IF you are in a Faction. If you join a Faction while you are renting a Safe House you will be given 48 Hours to move all your belongings out or they will be collected by SafeZone Management
9. You are allowed a MAXIMUM of 600 Slots of Storage within the Safezone through the use of Tents, Barrels, And Crates. If you Exceed this storage Limit, SafeZone Management will collect storage at random until you are at or below 600 Storage Slots.
10. You are NOT Allowed to use the Exterior BUFFER ZONE to engage in PvP.
11. You are NOT Allowed to shoot Survivors within the Exterior Buffer Zone. HOWEVER there are certain Exceptions to this rules.
     A. The Opposing user has stepped out of the Buffer Zone AND has engaged you in PvP.
     B. If a user steps out of the buffer zone, engages you in PvP, and then walks into the Buffer Zone BUT has not entered the actual SafeZone.

LssDayZ War Rules

1. You Must wait 2 Hours AFTER declaring war before the WAR can begin.
2. You Cannot glitch/exploit through a wall, gate, or Pre-Built structure to get into a Protected base.
3. You Cannot Enter any base at that is at WAR unless YOUR FACTION Is listed as an Attacker, Defender, Or Ally in our !wars List 
4. Bases AT WAR Can only be raided when a minimum of ONE Survivor from BOTH the Attacking and Defending Faction is Online. ALLIES DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THIS
5. During a WAR The Attackers, Defenders, and Allies CAN Dismantle, Destroy, Boost or Jump over player built walls, gates, or locks into the Protected base that they are at war with.
6. You CAN Participate in a WAR without Declaring as an Ally but you CANNOT assist with breaking any walls, gates, or Locks and CANNOT claim the base as yours.
6. Allies involved in the WAR CANNOT Be Raided, HOWEVER If an Ally Claims the Opposing Factions Base THAT base can STILL be Raided during the WAR
7. Protected Bases CAN be destroyed during war.
8. Protected Bases CAN be stolen during war.
9. Bases CANNOT Be sold During War
10. During WAR the OPPOSING Faction CAN remove and replace YOUR armbands in the crate if they have successfully taken the base from you.
11. War ends when BOTH factions declare a Cease Fire or a Stalemate has been declared by Administration.
12. after a Cease Fire has been Declared Both Parties MUST Leave any bases which are still owned by the Opposing Faction.
13. Both Parties CANNOT Declare WAR on each other for 48 Hours After a Cease Fire has been Agreed upon.
14. Armband Crates CANNOT Be Modified or Tampered with AFTER a Cease fire has been Declared by both Parties. If you have taken over a base take screenshots of your armband crate & base ASAP as this will be required to be produced if a ticket is opened

LssDayZ Trading Rules

1. All Currency Transactions MUST occur, When accepting A Purchase offer you should be with the intended buyer ingame.
2. While not enforced, All Currency Transactions are Recommended to happen within the Stary Sobor Safe Zone to ensure that no one will be killed.
3. While all shop items must have a price, You May also trade items instead of selling them. Upon trading a Item you should remove your item from the shop.
4. You Cannot trade Discord Currency for Real Life Money.
5. The Shop is a player Driven System, There is no Established prices on cars, guns, food, clothes, or any other In-Game item, YOU decide the prices.

LssDayZ Discord Rules

1. LssDayZ Will NOT Permit Ddoss, Doxing, Discrimiation, Sexual Harassment, or Threats to ANY user.
2. Pornography and Grusome photos are NOT permitted within LssDayZ’s Discord
3. Sharing Discord Links is NOT permitted Unless they are a PARTNERED SERVER or have been given permission
4. Spamming LssDayZ’s Discord is NOT permitted.
5. Sharing LssDayZ’s Discord link is okay as long as you do not post our link within another Community without there permission.
6. LssDayZ Staff has the final say. If you have been asked to stop doing something then stop.
7. While we Permit Toxic Conversations as long as they are kept within the channel meant for Toxicity, There is always a Limit. If a Staff Member has asked you to stop or relax, Then do so. Toxicity within Tickets to Staff NOT be tolerated.